Creative Uses For Your Single Serve Coffee Maker

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Single serve coffee makers have certainly become one of the most popular of all kitchen appliances in recent years. Now you can brew a single cup of coffee in just a few short minutes, making them the perfect solution for people on the go. But these amazing little appliances can also be used to do other things creatively in your kitchen. You can also use your machine to make some easy and quick beverages and easy food dishes.

Other Hot Beverages

Since single serve coffee makers can produce very hot water in just a short time, you can use this little appliance to make other drinks to enjoy. Simply follow the steps you'd normally take to make coffee, but leave out the ground coffee refill cup. Instead, place an empty mug under the nozzle, and let the plain hot water flow into your cup. This is the perfect way to make a cup of hot tea or hot chocolate in just a few quick minutes. It also makes excellent hot apple cider in just minutes. 

Easy Meals

To make a fast hot breakfast, use your single serve coffee maker to produce the hot water you need to make instant oatmeal in the morning. Put the oatmeal in a bowl and place it under the coffee maker. The hot water will flow into the bowl and your oatmeal will be cooked quickly. Aside from oatmeal, you can also use this amazing counter top appliance to make instant soups, rice, grits, ramen noodles, and even instant mashed potatoes. Essentially, anything that requires hot water can be made quickly and easily thanks to the coffee maker's ability to produce hot water so fast.

Other Fun Ideas

There are plenty of other great things you can use your single serve coffee make for other than its original intended purpose. Instead of hot coffee, run your brewer using the coffee cup refill into a glass of ice. This makes a delicious iced coffee drink that's delicious and simple. Add your favorite flavors like mocha or raspberry syrup for a fun and refreshing change. Think outside of the box and use your machine to create a new hot cocktail for your next Christmas party. With refillable and reusable coffee cup inserts, along with keurig k cups, you can fill it with just about anything you can dream up to craft your own unique delicious coffee creation.