3 Tips on How to Make a Unique and Delicious Sandwich

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Do you have a craving for a really good sandwich right now? While you can certainly call for delivery or place a takeout order at your local sandwich shop, there's also some satisfaction to be earned out of making one yourself. But if you're tired of the same old ham and cheese combination, perhaps it's time to take a look at your pantry and think of a way to get creative. Here are three tips that will add something unique to your next sandwich.

Jams and Jellies Aren't Just for Toast

Do you have a nice stack of roast beef or pork on your bread but you're just sick of mayonnaise? The solution to your problem is easy if you think about the condiments you used for your breakfast earlier in the day. Certain jams and jellies go can add a nice touch of sweetness to a smoky and savory piece of meat. Orange marmalade is generally considered to go well with roast beef and strawberry jam can be a great way to freshen up just about anything. The key here is to make sure that you don't over do it. You want the jam or jelly to complement the meat, not overpower it.

It's Crunch Time

You've got your meat, your bread and your standard lettuce and tomato but you can't help but feel like this sandwich is missing some kind of punch. Adding something a bit salty and a lot crunchy could be a fun way to really liven up your meal. Make it crunchy enough and you will literally be able to hear how delicious your food is. The obvious choice would be to reach for a bag of potato chips but if you want to go with something really unique, try out some onion straws.

Warm Things Up With the Oven

Sometimes all you need for a good change of pace on a sandwich is to introduce a little heat to the equation. But don't stick it in the microwave or put the bread in the toaster. For best results, put your bread into the oven for a few minutes before you add the other ingredients. The crust will get crispy while the inside will get tender. If you're bread is already sliced, just stack the pieces together and you'll get the same result. Oven heat can make your bread taste like it's fresh from the bakery if you do it right.

If you're tired of eating the same old sandwich, take a glance into your pantry and see if there's anything you can use to spice (or sweeten) things up. That said, sometimes the food really does taste better when it's made by someone else, so don't be afraid to give your local sandwich shop a visit and see if you can get any inspiration for your next homemade lunch.