4 Excellent Meal Pairings For Malbec Wine

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Malbec is a variety of red wine that's become quite popular in recent years. It has a full and fruity taste, and you may be able to detect hints of blackberry and stone fruit in this wine. Malbec wine is milder than some of its other red counterparts, making it an excellent choice for beginner wine drinkers. Here are some ideas for complementary dishes to pair with Malbec wine:

1. Steak

Steak and red wine are a classic pairing, and Malbec certainly does not disappoint. According to Wine Folly, Malbec wine pairs well with lean cuts of steak, due to its low tannin content. This means you should consider serving sirloin, flap steak, and filet mignon with Malbec.

2. Hamburgers

We've already established that Malbec wine pairs well with beef, but this pairing shows that Malbec has excellent versatility. Malbec wine isn't just for fancy dinner parties and high class events. It's a great casual drinking wine that goes well with a juicy hamburger. Bring a couple of bottles of Malbec to your next barbecue to impress your friends. 

3. Cheese

Sometimes you may not want a full meal, but you want something to snack on. Malbec can make a great complement to appetizers. Serve some Malbec wine with a cheese board the next time you have friends over. Robust, full-flavored cheeses work best, since they won't be overpowered by the rich flavor of a Malbec wine. Consider pairing with cheeses such as aged cheddar, Parmigiano-Reggiano, and Asiago.

4. Chocolate

Believe it or not, Malbec wine is also excellent as a dessert wine. Although dessert wines are usually sweeter, dark and rich Malbec wine makes a great pairing for chocolate. Make sure to pick a high quality chocolate for this pairing. Milk chocolate can overpower the natural light sweetness of the wine, so opt for dark chocolate. A dark chocolate with high cacao content is best, so look for chocolate labeled 70% cacao or higher. The bitterness of the chocolate will enhance the fruity notes in your Malbec wine.

France and California are famous for their wineries, but geography shouldn't limit your appreciation for wine. Excellent Malbec wine can be sourced from South American countries such as Argentina. Argentinian wines are currently making a name for themselves among wine aficionados. The next time you throw a dinner party, consider serving an Argentinian Malbec wine with one of these delightful meals.