How To Find The Best Pizza Place In Your Area

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Great pizza is a real treat, but not all pizza places are the same. When looking for tasty pizza options, look for key things that can help ensure a tantalizing meal. Here are ways you can tell the best pizza places from their competitors in your area.

Brick ovens

Pizza places who use brick ovens instead of conventional ovens produce an excellent, evenly cooked crust that is perfectly browned. Most authentic Italian-style pizzerias use brick oven cooking to heat toppings and the accompanying crust to perfection. Choose a local or nearby eatery that uses a brick oven for a more amazingly flavored pizza.

 Flavor options 

Many pizza places are moving beyond traditional pizza sauce and classic meat toppings to allow you to customize your meal. You can find garlic and herb oil sauces, Alfredo, and even barbecue sauce as an option for your pizza in many diners. Choose a pizza place that offers multiple styles of sauce as well as interesting toppings, including: 

You are in for a very tasty experience once you realize you can order something more than extra cheese and pepperoni the next time you order pizza.

Drink options

With pizza comes excellent wine, and the right pizza places understand this. You want to be able to choose from classic Italian red and white varieties along with your traditional beer and soda options. If a pizza restaurant in your area offers a wine menu along with their food offerings, then you know you have found a place that will give you an all-around delicious meal.


If you're not in the mood for pizza and want something more than bread sticks and salad to munch on, look for a pizza restaurant that has a nice array of Italian appetizers. Appetizers include:

These appetizers can tease your taste buds while you wait for your meal to arrive, or you can sample these small Italian snacks as your whole meal instead of having pizza. 

A great pizza restaurant is going to have many options for their diners, and give you a true Italian experience. From brick oven cooking to tasty appetizers you'll want to try, if you compare pizza restaurants together you can have an amazing experience you will love.