Know What To Check If Your Well Pump Has No Power

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If you don't live in the city, you probably have a well so that you can get drinking water. Your well needs to have a pump so that it can get the water from the well to your house. But, like everything, pumps can give out. If you aren't getting any water from your well, you will want to know what you can do to get the water flowing back to your house as soon as possible.

Check the Circuit Breaker

If you have turned on your water faucet and no water comes out, the first thing you should go check is if your pump is getting power. There are a couple of places that you can check. One is the circuit breaker on the well. If there was some electrical surge with the pump itself, it may trigger its own internal circuit breaker. That automatic trigger protects the pump from further damage. If that circuit is still functional, then you will want to go check your house's main circuit breaker. Check to see if the main circuit is still on. You may want to turn the circuit off and back on when you are there. There are a couple of reasons to do that. One is that sometimes the circuit trips, but the switch doesn't always go all the way over, and another is that turning it off and then back on can often make the system work again. 


There are a lot of things that can cause a circuit breaker to trip. That can include something like a minor hiccup in your electrical grid. Sometimes the power doesn't flow as smoothly as it should, and you will see a little blip in your house's power system. That can cause your lights to blink or a clock to reset. It can also cause the circuit breakers to blow if the gap is big enough. The breakers are there to protect the system from damage that could be caused by surges in power. A power brownout could also cause the problem. That would be when the power load is too heavy for your area's power grid and part of the system has to shut down. If none of those things happened and your circuit breaker immediately shuts back off, leave it alone and call a professional to come look at it. This is a more serious problem than you can handle alone. 

You don't want to be left with no water going in your house. Knowing what to check on your well pump is a good start to getting your water back on.