3 Questions To Know The Answers To When Hiring A Caterer For Your Outdoor Wedding

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The big day is just around the corner and you are now down to hiring a caterer to ensure the guests at your wedding are well-fed and satisfied with the appetizers and drinks available. Before you head over and start making menu plans, you have to remember that planning foods for an outdoor wedding can get a little tricky. Here is a look at a few questions you should know the answers to before you meet with your chosen caterer for your outdoor wedding and reception. 

Are there guests who will need special meal options?

Perhaps you have a relative or two who prefer vegetarian foods. You may have a couple friends who don't eat dairy. Whatever the case may be, these are important things to think about when creating a menu plan with your caterer. Some couples leave special menu options off because it is too difficult to cater to every guest. However, it is a kind gesture to offer at least a few variant choices. For example, you could offer the option of salads with or without grilled chicken or rolls with or without butter. 

Does your wedding have a theme you would like carried over into the menu?

Tying together all of the details of your wedding and reception is an impressive way to create a completed event, right down to the menu. Think about the overall theme of your wedding and if there should be certain foods involved. For example, if your outdoor wedding reception will be taking place at night in the summer, you could have the caterer create a s'mores bar or if the wedding will be in the fall, you could offer hot cocoa. 

Will the foods you have in mind hold up well in the temperature?

The temperature is always a big factor when planning an outdoor event, especially when it comes to the foods served at the reception. You will not want to serve guests sorbet that will melt because of the scorching summer sun if your wedding reception will be held outdoors in the summer heat. Likewise, it is a good idea to consider the fact that the temperature can affect how long they will spend enjoying foods. For example, if your wedding will be held on a spring afternoon, the temperatures will probably be cooler by the time the reception starts, so serving a huge meal that takes a lot of time would probably not be a good idea.