Make Your Catered Event More Current With Action Stations

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Relying on a professional food management company to provide the menu and waitstaff for a corporate meal can be a great way to take the stress of planning these events off your shoulders. Unfortunately, the traditional sit-down schema has grown stale.

If you are looking for an exciting way to make your next catered event feel more current, you should consider a buffet filled with action stations instead. These stations allow food service employees to establish a rapport with guests, and it allows you to reduce the number of waitstaff needed to successfully host your event.

Here are three simple action stations you can request from your food service management company to kick your next catered event into the modern era,

1. Customized Mac 'n Cheese Bar

Your guests will be surprised to see a laid-back item like mac 'n cheese on the menu of a catered event, but you can easily win them (and their taste buds) over when you transform this simple dish into an interactive action station.

Offering gourmet mix-ins like sautéed mushrooms, specialty cheeses, and a variety of vegetables will allow a food service employee to give your dining guests exactly the type of dish they are looking for. Your guests will enjoy the ability to customize their main course, and you will be able to let a food service employee provide the type of entertainment your guests are sure to enjoy.

2. Fresh Corn Station

Fresh ears of corn can make a great complementary side dish for your mac 'n cheese main course. By transforming this side dish into an interactive station, you will give your guests an opportunity to further customize their meal.

Your food service company can cook fresh ears of corn on a grill, and then guests can customize their own cob by selecting the spices and seasonings used to flavor the corn. Reminiscent of Mexican street-style corn, the food provided through a fresh corn station will both nourish and entertain your dining guests.

3. Hand-Dipped Caramel Apple Bar

When you want to give your dining guests the option to customize their dessert, having your food service company create a hand-dipped caramel apple bar can be beneficial. Locally grown apples can be dipped in caramel as diners are ready to enjoy them, ensuring the caramel remains soft and flavorful.

A variety of toppings like crumbled cookies, nuts, or chocolate chips can be made available to dip the freshly-carameled apples into, giving your guests the ability to control the ingredients included in their dessert.

Opting to feature interactive action stations at your next catered event will give your meal a more current vibe.